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Roswell: Bitcoin City USA

"I need to convince Roswell that it's time to stop looking to 1947 to save our economy. I'm instead going to walk us into the 21st Century." - Guy Malone

Bitcoin is Not What You Think

I'm just going to rip the band-aid off here. Get your head unstuck from the media narratives about criminals and scams that are 5 to 10 years old. Allow me to bring up the word Bitcoin without everybody freaking out. Put simply, Bitcoin is the invention of money for the internet. It doesn't require a bank to authorize your spending, and governments can't seize your money or freeze your accounts if they don't like your political or your religious activities. Governments, of course, tried to stop this form of money at first. Politicians and their media allies said bad things about it for years.

But really about the worst thing you can say honestly about Bitcoin is that the price moves up and down sharply, which makes many people uncomfortable when thinking of it as a short-term investment. But, upon discovering that it really is unhackable and unstoppable, in a true case of “If you can't beat em join em,” governments now have settled in on attempting to regulate and also tax it. Now it's so innocuous that your grandmother can buy, sell or spend bitcoin using her PayPal account.

And every bank in the US can also sell it and hold it for you. It's way more legit now than your news media or your broker are currently telling you about. What'll probably surprise you to find out, is that what is believed to be two of the largest bitcoin mining facilities in the world are currently being built nearby in west Texas, just about 4 hours east from Roswell.

Bitcoin Mining does not Happen Where You Think

And north of us, in New Mexico, the Navajo nation has also turned to bitcoin mining to alleviate a lot of their poverty concerns, to the tune of literally millions of dollars they've created this year alone. I quoted earlier that the webpage states that our, “…sunny, dry climate is especially conducive for harnessing solar and wind power. Businesses here enjoy energy rates of 6 cents per kilowatt hour on average.”

And that's relevant because the main way to earn the most money from mining bitcoin is to eliminate all the overhead you can by headquartering yourself in regions that have extremely cheap electricity, as well as access to lots of solar and wind power. Like Roswell, right?

For time's sake I'm gonna let you figure this just from these images - that if literally billions of dollars are being invested into communities near us to run these facilities, providing jobs of course, and creating millions of dollars worth of product because there's wind, solar, and extra gas to work with, well, that's an opportunity for Roswell as much as it it for west Texas, or for the Navajo nation, is me being brief. Real brief.

Bitcoin as Currency is Happening

Cutting to the chase, mayors around the country are realizing what a boon it is for their citizens both to get easy exposure to bitcoin ownership and for them to attract big business to their town.

We currently have the recently elected mayors of New York and Miami receiving their paychecks in bitcoin as well as having a contest with each other over which is going to become the more bitcoin-friendly city in the world. Small town mayors of Jackson, Tennessee and Cool Springs, Missouri are also improving their local economies by educating their residents on bitcoin, and working to attract bitcoin businesses as well.

So, mayors and bitcoin is a really hot topic in the air and in the news right now. (Update Jan 16: Mayor of Rio de Janerio plans to invest 1% of city's treasury into bitcoin.) There's opportunity, and I am now full-time in the Bitcoin industry myself. The reason you don't see me at Cattle Baron anymore is because I got interested in what was happening, and aside from setting up a $10 per week purchase plan for myself a few years back, I did a lot of study and I've earned three certifications in bitcoin and digital currencies. I work now from home as a copy editor for Bitcoin Magazine (over a million followers on Twitter), and I am daily plugged into what's happening in the technology, the laws, the investment side, the daily news (that I edit) and so on…

Some people think I got rich by selling bitcoin and quit my serving job, but no, I still work for a living - not as hard honestly - and I still buy bitcoin weekly, I haven't sold any and don't plan to for a few more years hopefully.

Bitcoin Careers are Real Jobs

For those interested there's tons of work available in the Bitcoin industry now:

And it's not all tech stuff either, but everything from customer service work at home jobs, to social media, as well as things that do require a financial background - I encourage you to go to LinkedIn and Indeed and just set an alert for Bitcoin in the jobs sections, and you'll see dozens of opportunities for those willing to educate themselves just a bit. Bitcoin education is free all over the internet too. And I can help. It's also easy and totally legal for businesses to set themselves up to receive bitcoin as payment - like for example you can use bitcoin to pay your AT&T bill online, they just use a payment processing service that takes care of the transaction then keeps half a percent, and puts 99.5% of the dollars into the business' bank account. And there's way more tourists walking our streets that are carrying bitcoin on their phone than almost anyone in Roswell would believe is true, but if you have a We Accept Bitcoin sign in your window, you might just be pleasantly surprised at what can happen for you over the next few years.

Just trying to save words and time here, with my certifications, my skills, and now also my industry connections - (I go out of my way to connect on Twitter or LinkedIn with almost every executive and news maker I'm editing stories about) - I would love to make a huge part of my working day, if elected, reaching out to get some of these huge companies to get them looking to Roswell to set up a presence here, bring some of those billions this way, and of course create jobs.

Also, I'd help any business owner that wants to be set up to accept bitcoin to do so, and any individuals that want to know how to safely and legally start buying and saving in bitcoin to do so as well.

Bitcoin Mining can Benefit Roswell

Dovetailing from my previous topic, I'd like to serve the people of Roswell by helping us look more into the 21st century's technology to help secure our economic future as opposed to continuing to rely solely on something that may or may not have happened way back in 1947. There is more to Roswell that UFOs.

I believe that promoting our performing arts could really create a new boon as far as tourism goes. For the people who live here, let me speak on what adopting Bitcoin can do for your lifestyle. I'm a testimony of it myself. In my 50s, I found a new career in Bitcoin. By putting some savings in Bitcoin these past few years, I'm not the least bit concerned about whether Social Security will or won't be there for me. I'm set. It's the path I've followed as an individual, and I've also brought others on board. The same principals, and my experience in the field, will work to strengthen the economy of Roswell.

With permission of our council, I'd like to see our city start mining bitcoin as soon as possible. I'd be glad to present to the council the details of how Bitcoin mining works, and how the city could turn mined Bitcoin into revenue. Once we have revenue, I believe the first order of business should be to take the initial wave of proceeds and eliminate, or more correctly, pay towards, the property taxes of any citizen over the age of 65. This is just where we start as we refine both the way we generate Bitcoin and the way we designate the proceeds. If successful, I say we lower the age to 60 and then 55. I won't try to make the entire case how right now, but the Mayor of Miami, for example, is literally having the discussion about making Miami a completely tax-free city to live in. And I don't want to get anyone's hopes up, but I do have his number…

We might all discover how Roswell could eventually become a tax-free city as well. The opportunity exists for those who are willing to lean into Bitcoin mining.

The following screenshot shows the tail-end of a chat I had with Bob Burnett. He's the chairman of one of these large mining companies. He wrote an article for Bitcoin Magazine about the different types of mining facilities. Since I was editing his article, I had the opportunity to reach out. I offered some nice words, and then casually mentioned Roswell's great wind and solar potential. He politely replied to me that as his business expands he is, “open to New Mexico.”

Well, with that response I had to keep the chat going. And yes, he said it's okay for me to share all of this. So, as we continued to chat., Bob was quick to say that, “state and local governments need to understand the opportunity Bitcoin presents and that there is going to be a battle to attract the best talent and capital….” A few states, he points out, are already actively recruiting. With huge tech centers in Austin, Dallas and Houston, Texas is like a talent vacuum. He adds, “those who are slow to adopt will find themselves at a massive, massive disadvantage. For a place like Roswell and for NM they are honestly already behind.” He ended by saying, “the ability for the state to find prosperity in the coming several decades will be determined by how they play Bitcoin in the next 24 months or so. No action is equal to defeat.”

I know that 99% of you listening to me right now don't know much about crypto currencies or Bitcon. That's okay. You don't need to be an expert to benefit from it. Bitcoin can enormously help individuals and our city to prosper. It's gone way more mainstream than the media is leading you to think, and I'm well-placed in the industry now. I have no trouble making contacts.

If you let me go to work for you, I'll go to work on making Roswell the most famous and prosperous “Bitcoin City” this side of the Mississippi. Bob says that we're already behind, so we can't be first, but I'd love to make sure that we hit before the peak and that we're not left behind, trapped in the past.

Unfortunately, our state sometimes proves to be a bit of a challenge when it comes to progressive business ideas and being an attractive place to move to. This doesn't, however, have to be the case forever.

No, Bitcoin is Not Evil