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Taxation Without Representation

I'm of the opinion that Southeastern New Mexico in general is not being represented well by lawmakers in Santa Fe. Our interests, views, needs and culture simply aren't being respected at the state level. This has been an ongoing complaint among residents for years, so I'm proposing that it's time for us to kiss Santa Fe good-bye.

While I haven't done anything with the domain yet, I want you to know that I now own the domain I'm going to be the guy that stands up and says it's time to seriously begin discussing the topic of secession from this state - along with any other counties that feel that same way. Let's start talking to Texas about the benefits to them of annexing us.

This is not an original idea of mine, but it's definitely been floating in the air for a while waiting for the right time to land. Now is the time. This is the city. Now, I didn't design the logo in the header, and you may already know that state senator Cliff Pirtle last year floated an amendment to pave the way for counties to secede. He too cites that there's a serious disconnect between politicians in Santa Fe and those of us living out here. He said there was, “inequity between rural and urban New Mexico.” To me that inequity is summed up this way: It's our ranchers, our dairymen, and our oil and gas industry that's generating the bulk of the state's revenue, yet they're taking both our resources and tax dollars from us and then refusing to represent our wishes or values.

In America, we really have a sore spot when it comes to taxation without representation. Deep down, we all know there's a problem. In my opinion, there's a better and more American response to this situation than to quietly submit to their illegal mandates and unjust laws. While they redraw the voting lines to exclude us, and then make plans to take even more in taxes, I think we should begin to legally resist.

It Isn't Just Us

It's been in the air of America recently. For example, there's a long-standing movement in Oregon. I think it's seven counties that have been petitioning to have the state lines redrawn to make them all part of Idaho. They cite essentially the same reasons as we do. The petition states that their region “has long felt alienated from the liberal politics of Oregon's population centers.” Now that sounds very familiar doesn't it? There's also a Virginia / West Virginia movement happening. Even in California, there's been a movement to divide the state into as many as three separate states.

I'll be the first to admit that annexing counties from one state to another is not easy. You can look at this as a perhaps a twenty-year pipe dream with a long, complicated process. That said, just from talking to people over a period of several months, there's apparently enough interest to consider getting the conversation started.

Yes, it sounds crazy, but it's not nearly as crazy as it sounds at first. I've been surprised how receptive and supportive many have been when I mention it conversationally. I actually laughed out loud when I saw on Mayor Kintigh's Facebook page this week. Someone there replied to him about us seceding to become the 51st state, and Mayor Kintigh replied, humorously perhaps, that he likes that idea! If I'm elected I might try to keep him around?

Mission: Impossible?

The simple truth is this: No mayor has the power to make any of this actually happen. Aside from memes and private conversations, if it's the will of the people, and I'm chosen to represent Roswell, this movement will become a priority on my agenda. I will start contacting mayors and county commissioners, not just in Chaves County, but in Lee, Roosevelt, Eddy, and Otero since these are all the counties contiguous both to us and to Texas. I'll start contacting them to find out who else is interested. For those not interested, we go to work in all of those counties electing those who are.

This is not a one-term situation, most likely. It's a long-term goal, and there's a whole lot that would have to happen. I feel like we're in an abusive relationship with Santa Fe. Enough of us are looking for some R-E-S-P-E-C-T, and we're letting the powers that be know that we're tired of how they treat us. We're ready to walk. They can either get serious about changing their behavior, or deal with being in a relationship with someone who's already moved on.

Where are We Now?

I'll admit I am so happy and proud of what our current mayor and city council have accomplished in the way of resisting Santa Fe. Much appreciation for our both our sheriff and chief of police for cooperating - especially in regards to masks and keeping businesses open. Even so, we're still hurting because we're not fighting back enough.

Mayor Kintigh is campaigning with the slogan: Keeping Roswell a Free City. I wish it truly was. They've done a great job ... but I believe there is more they could have done. I also believe more is going to be needed. Right now, mayor Kintigh says that no “city employee” will be required to wear a mask or be vaccinated, and that no citizen will be denied "city services" because of their vaccine status.

But the way things keep sliding down an increasingly slippery slope in Santa Fe, I think we need to up the ante on this even more. Right now, the protections apply only to city employees. I applaud that for sure, but I think as a city we need to pass laws which prohibit employers from requiring masks or jabs of any of their employees. Places open to the public should not be able to dictate health decisions to non-employees who happen to walk through their door. I don't wear a mask partly because I have pretty severe eczema at times; Wearing a mask for hours greatly exacerbates this. But, I don't feel that I should have to have a heart-to-heart chat with every Goodwill clerk or manager about my privileged and otherwise protected health status either.

Roswell: Constitutional City

Constitutional City a term people use instead of the much maligned Sanctuary City. This declaration simply means that we default to enforcing constitutional rights over any federal, executive, or state orders or mandates which aren't law. No vote? No law.

The right to privacy, for instance, is covered by both the fifth and the 14th amendments. The Supreme Court has interpreted this as including our medical records or medical status. I'm arguing that it goes against someone's God given and constitutional privacy rights to have to disclose a “legitimate health reason” for why they don't want to wear a mask or accept an experimental vaccine. Whether used to gate-keep a business or as a requirement of employment, it's a violation of someone's constitutional rights. No one should have to answer, or disclose, any medical information such as their vaccination status, to anyone, including their employer, to remain employed or shop at the store. Whatever happened to Don't Ask, Don't Tell? Let's make that great again.

Mayoral Resistance

On that same topic, the day Tim Jennings declared his candidacy for Roswell mayor, he stated that he “is not for” government mandates regarding face masks or vaccinations.

Lisa Dunlap at the Roswell Daily Record states that he said this after his speech. Whether as a casual remark or maybe in answer to a question from a member of the public, I don't know. My concern is that he doesn't state these positions more openly. Even before he officially declared his candidacy, my fear was that he would run for mayor of Roswell and then govern as a soft supporter of MLG. If not a supporter, then maybe just a local enforcer of her mandates, here to whip Roswell and Chaves County into shape or get us to toe the line. Do we really want him bringing Santa Fe's rules here whatever the reason?

Now, I do like a lot of what he said. Don't get me wrong, I especially agree with his recent take on reducing or eliminating fees on city services for city residents. The zoo and museums, for example, could adopt a model where Roswell residents pay a lower rate or get in for free. In my opinion, the local resident fees at the Convention Center definitely need to be brought back into line.

But these are mainly just the usual political campaigning rhetoric. Right now we are very close to a single-issue crisis determining the soul of Roswell. I love and appreciate that, so far, our representatives have all acted to in a way which does not enforce MLG's mask mandates here. I've said that I'm 100% for keeping things this way - and even upping the ante. So, when Mr. Jennings says he's “not for” something, it does not inspire confidence in his convictions. How would he actually vote? How would he persuade others to vote if instructed by MLG to start changing the way we do things in Roswell? My opinion is that a vote for Jennings is a vote for more MLG in Roswell.

Change my mind

I just don't think it's enough for a candidate to say a soft “I'm not for” something Roswell rejects rather than offering a solid stance against it. This is especially true when the soft stance only arises as an afterthought and then only when directly asked. I want to lead by saying that I am not only “not for” unconstitutional mandates, forced vaccinations, and lockdowns, but I am campaigning on the platform of being absolutely,100% opposed to them.

Government Extortion

I may not be a doctor or a lawyer, but let me state this clearly as an ordinary, freedom loving citizen of Roswell: Threatening someone's job if they refuse to receive an injection of an unapproved, experimental MRNA therapy is open, naked extortion. None of the MRNA therapies which have been forced on millions of people have been through the minimum safety trials for approval. These trials usually take seven years. How else do we know they're "safe and effective"?

I will not allow it here in Roswell! No citizen of our great city should have their job threatened based upon their decision to accept or reject an untested, risky, and in some cases deadly, injection. No teacher or student should be denied entry to a school. No customer should be denied access to a business. No person in medical need should be denied medical treatment if they choose not to risk their lives by taking a dangerous MRNA jab. This type of government sponsored extortion is immoral, unethical, and will never be acceptable in Roswell.

And it's too late for many now, but I'd propose that Roswell becomes known as a sanctuary city for freedom of medical choice. We should work not only on attracting middle class remote workers, but we should also work on attracting qualified medical workers, police officers, and other strong, ethical people whose jobs were stolen by unethical mandates.

In fact, I say we lay out the red carpet for workers in any good vocation if they've lost their job to mandates. Millions of workers from all around the country have either been forced to quit or fired. Let's make Roswell a national name! Let's help convince these recently unemployed workers to move here by making a promise to respect their medical autonomy. As a human being made in the image of God, it is up to each individual to decide whether or not to undergo medical procedures or take medications. There should be no coercion from an overreaching unconstitutional government, or from politicians who have become drunk on power.

Malone for Mayor

We went from two weeks to flatten the curve to two shots to keep your job, fly on a plane, or even eat at a restaurant. Even worse, government bodies are considering new mandates based on yearly boosters, Pfizer-mectin pills, or other unnecessary medications. Considering the mountain of lies we've seen so far, I have no trust in the narrative that this is for our health. I'm drawing the line in the sand. I'm saying no. Not in Roswell! Not now! Not ever!


I think Roswell is at a crossroads. After the lockdowns and mandates destroyed many small businesses, sidelined careers, and crushed our local economy, Roswell is barely hanging on. There's a fight for the soul and identity of what it means to be a Roswellian, and it's happening right now.

As you can see, I don't have a normal left or right political platform. Binary political choice is a thing of the past for Roswell. It used to be simple: choose left or right. Today, both parties have moved towards tyranny. Our new choice is between those who stand with the people and those who side with tyranny.

I can guarantee you, my platform is not handed down from a party boss in DC like we see all the time in Santa Fe. My platform is designed for this time, this place, and this situation. I'm not a republican, or a democrat, and definitely not a Santa Fe shill. I'm running for Mayor as a free Roswellian who simply wants ordinary people to be able to live free while the government serves them by carefully stewarding their taxes to make life better.

That's why I'm

In my opinion, if things stay the way they are, I'm concerned that the slow creep into socialism run by tyrant oligarchs is inescapable. We have a current mayor that rightly says no mask or jab should be required for city employees, but what about the kids and teachers in school? Who's fighting for their rights? Who's fighting for the heroic doctors and nurses, the overworked restaurant and grocery store employees who worked through the shortages and lockdowns? but now are facing losing their jobs?

We need laws that protect people and that obey the constitution, not to be obeying more mandates that are not laws. The people of Roswell are sincerely going to have to choose right now, do we want to become more like California, or more like Texas and Florida? I don't mean that from a partisan perspective either, I mean it from a personal liberty and American rights perspective. Because the slide into tyranny is the current path that most of the country is on. Vote for Jennings if you want it to happen faster here. Vote Kintigh if you want to see it happen slower.

But we can't fix what's going on at the state level, and I feel that we have to leave them. I am hashtag Roswell proud, not necessarily NM proud tho.